General Information

Formalities: If you are traveling from the United States or Europe, visa is not required, only a valid passport (for at least six months) is required for entry. Visitors can stay in the country for three months.

Currency: Israeli Shekel and US Dollar are accepted in Palestine and Israel while Jordanian Dinner is accepted only in Palestine and Euros too.  There are licensed money changing offices throughout the country. Money can be also changed at all banks. Most of the Tourist places accept major international credit cards.

Time Differences: Local time is Greenwich Mean Time + 2 hours in winter and Greenwich Mean Time + 3 hours in summer. There is a seven-hour time difference between New York and local time, a two-hour time difference between London and local time and a one-hour time difference between Paris and local time.

Language: Arabic is the official language in Palestine. Hebrew is the official language in Israel. English is widely spoken, while Italian, French and German are spoken to a lesser extend.

Climate: Since the country is located in the Mediterranean it has a temperate sea climate. There are four seasons. Winter is cold and rainy where average temperatures range from 9-18 C. Summer is usually hot and dry where the average temperatures range from 26-32 C. Autumn is pleasant and spring is beautiful. Tourists and pilgrims are required to wear modest dress when visiting holy sites.

Transportation: You can hire a car, with or without a driver, through us in advance or through your hotel. An international driver's license is required. Taxis are both comfortable and widely available. In some areas Taxis do not operate on meters. It is advised to agree on the price before setting off. Shared taxis are also widely used.

Electricity: In the Holy Land a 220-volt system is used.

Telephone: International calls can be made from domestic telephones, including public pay phones available in all tourist areas. Telephone and fax facilities are available at most hotels and Internet Access Point. To call abroad directly, first dial the international access code 00, and then the country code.