Cities of the Holyland

The HolyLand history is rich in many cultures and folklore;  It certainly needs more than a standard tour time to able to explore all the magic of the HolyLand, you must see it first, feel the atmosphere around you, and examine its ruins of what it had witnessed along the centuries. God with his Holy Mighty chose this land for what it had been through, for all those cultures, nations, and battles that took place on its ground. He then spread peace from its very heart by sending his beloved son Jesus Christ to bless this country and its nation.

The Holyland Palestine (the land of Canaan) with its prestigious location as the cross road between Asia and Africa, this made its and important market place for centuries, and made every conqueror wishes to capture it under his flag. God gave its people the patience and faith which helped restore its features and identity all that time .

Welcome to my country, welcome to the Holy land


holysepulcherJerusalem, with its historical past and present, is the most beautiful city in the world, needs a long time to be able to observe what the city had witnessed through the centuries.   It has been ruled over hundreds of years by hundreds of nations and governments. Form there it is gifted with its historical ruins and antiquity. It is the heart of Christianity where Jesus was crucified and buried. It is also a Holy Place for the Muslims and the Jews. In Jerusalem there are so many to observe, such as: The holy sepulcher, Mount of Olives, Bethany, Mary’s Tomb, The Dome of the rock, Al Aqsa Mosque, the City Wall with it eight gates, the Wailing Wall, the Pool of Solomon, the Kedron Valley, Sister of Zion, The Tomb of Christ, Ein karem…..etc.


church-of-nativity01The city of peace and faith, is the birth place of Christianity, where you can observe the Church of Nativity, the Milk Grotto, the House of King David family, the star of Bethlehem, the Shepherds field where the angles appeared to the shepherds and told them about savior birth in Bethlehem, Theodosios Monastrey Mar Saba Monastery, The Herodion, salomon Pools(Ertas), and The Virgin Well (AL-Seeda). It is Famous for its hand carved olive wood and mother of pearls, The Wine Factory museums, and Folklore.


nazIt is the city where Jesus lived grew up to preach the world of Christianity. There you can find the Church of Annunciation, Mary’s well, Kana where Jesus performed his first miracle, and St. Gabriella Church.


mount-of-beatitudesI the Sea of Galilee, you can see the Church of St. Peter, Tabgha, caper Naum, Mt. Tabor, and Mt. of Betides, and Nimrod Castle .

Also, you can enjoy the Hot Springs, the boat ride and kibbutz visit.


jaffaIt is the Gate Way to Jerusalem, and the art center of history which began three thousand six hundred years ago There you can observe the old part, the old light house, home of Simon the tanner, and clock square.

Red Sea – Eilat

eilat-the-hotels-areaSince ancient times, the Red Sea had been a major route linking Asia and the Far East, Africa and the west. The Red Sea Main feature is Mount of Moses. In the Red Sea there are over than 1000 unidentified species of tropical fish. Deep sea divers, surfing, and under water observatory are Red Sea main attractive activities.


Nablus-18155It is part of the Cana’an Lands, surrounded by mountains Gerizim & Ebal. In Nablus you can visit the old Souk (Al Casbah), Tel Balata, Roman Excavations, and Jacob’s Well (where Jesus asked the Samaritan woman for water).  

It is the only Palestinian city where Samaritan Jews lived together with the Palestinians in peace, and Sabastia.


hebronThe “ Town of the friend of Allah “ is one the oldest cities in Palestine. The main attraction is the Cave of Mackpelah above which Haram Al-khaleel was built by Herod the great. Also, you can see mamre, where our Father Abraham built an alter for the Lord and the old Oak Tree, where Abraham built a tent when he came from Haran.

Hebron is famous for its grapes, fruits, pottery and glass work.


caesareIt was the Capital of Palestine for six hundred years it is the most city in Palestine for its splendid places, public Buildings, market place, its magnificent temple, and theater.

”Horod the Great gave the city it name”.


MeggiddoIt has experienced a long history of all nations, Egyptians, Kana`s, Philistines, Syrians, Greek, Romans, Persians, British and Israelis.

At Meggido you can observe the water Tunnel, the Walls the House of Foundation, and Gates of different Persian Ivory.


haifaThe most beautiful bay of the Mediterranean coast, it was occupied in terns by the Crusaders, the Truks, and the British. Mount Karmel is one of Haifa`s main features, being the place where prophet Elijah challenged the priest of ball.

Also the cave of Prophets which is still there.


AkkoIt was the most important sea port of Palestine, the history of the land is too old there with so much to observe.

It was rebuilt by Salah Eddin. One of Akko`s most famous historical places is Akko Wall, Khan Columns, the Tomb of Prophet Baha`aieen, Al-Gazzar Mosque, Crypt of St. John, the Bazzar, and the museum.


JerichoJericho lies on the Jordan valley; it is the lowest part on earth, and the oldest city in the world. Jericho is famous for its sweet fruits, bananas, palm trees, water springs, and the ruins of old Jericho (Tel Essultan).

Jesus stopped in Jericho many times. 

Jericho’s main features are the Mount of Temptation, the Syconar Tree of Zachary, the River Jordan where Jesus was baptized by St. John, Hisham’s Palace, and the Monastery of St. George (Wadi Kelt).


QumranIt is the place where they found the Dead Sea Scrolls (The Old Testament).

The Dead Sea

dead-seaIt is the lowest point on Earth, 1300 ft. below sea level;

it is rich in salt and m inerals which cures many diseases.


MassadaThe massive rocky city of Mezada, was the impregnable

refuge for King Herod the Great Places to visit in Massada are the Mosaic, and the Northern Palace.

Mount Sinai

MountSinaiSt. Catherine Monastery, 1500 years old, is known for its beautiful houses and the most unique and precious collection of early icons. It is located between Eilat boarder and Egyptian desert (Sinai).

Tel El-Farah

tel-el-farahThe most scenic drives on the west bank road from Nablus to Jiftilink in the Jordan valley.It is located in the beautiful Wadi Farah, which Ibrahim entered the land of Cana’an and came to Balata.


JeninIt is the Gate way to Nazareth from the North. There you can observe the Great Mosque , Dair Al-Hawa, and Burkeen Church which was built in the Fourth Century.


GazaGaza is mentioned 38 times in the Bible.  There you can observe the Byzantine Tombs,the Roman Excavations, the Mosaics, the Old Harber (Myomi) which was built in 306-337 AC. and was called the Costendinia, and Tel Alsanam.